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Legit ID cards online are  those real ID cards, Database registered, and are issued by the state department of interior or internal affairs or other affiliated institutions vested with the powers to do so. Affiliated institutions are Courier companies, also known as “ID expeditors,” are private companies like us at Stamped papers,  which are allowed to submit passport applications on behalf of customers.

At Stamped papers online, we do not operate as a part of the  Department of State, interior or internal affairs nor as part of a similar department for Canada, UK or any other country. At Stamped papers online, You will receive your ID any faster than you would if you applied in person at a passport agency and we charge much larger fees than you will have at the ID card agency as we have the opportunity and the mandate to get it done faster and legally than you will at the passport agency. 

Countries involved and uses...

Legit ID cards are used by and accepted banks, at airports by all airlines, accepted by employers and issued by the ID agency via the intermediary of courrier companies or expeditors like Stamped passports online and its agents. 

No camouflage or fake ID card can accepted by the police or any similar authority.  We provide services for Legit ID cards for countries such as;

Canadian ID card, US ID card, Austrian ID card, Belgian ID card, Bulgarian ID card, Croatian ID card, Republic of Cyprus ID card, Czech Republic ID card, Danish ID card, Estonian ID card, Finnish ID card, French ID card, German ID card, Greek ID card, Hungarian ID card, Irish ID card, Italian ID card, Latvian ID card, Lithuanian ID card, Luxembourger’s ID card, Maltese ID card, Dutch ID card, Polish ID card, Portuguese ID card, Romanian ID card, Slovak ID card, Slovenian ID card, Spanish ID card, Swedish ID card, Australian ID card, Brazilian ID card, Mexican ID card, Chilean ID card, Japanese passport, Chinese ID card, South Korean ID card and South Africa passport just to name a few.

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