Legit Passports Online

Legit Passports Online

Legit Passports online are those bio-metric, contain a chip and are issued by the state department or other affiliated institutions vested with the powers to do so. Affiliated institutions are Courier companies, also known as “passport expeditors,” are private companies like us at Stamped papers,  which are allowed to submit passport applications on behalf of customers.

At Stamped papers online, we do not operate as a part of the U.S. Department of State or as part of a similar department for Canada, UK or any other country. At Stamped papers online, You will receive your passport any faster than you would if you applied in person at a passport agency and we charge much larger fees than you will have at the passport agency as we have the opportunity and the mandate to get it done faster and legally than you will at the passport agency. 

Legit passports are used by and accepted in borders, at airports by all airlines, accepted by employers and issued by the passport agency via the intermediary of courrier companies or expeditors like Stamped passports online and its agents. 

No camouflage or fake passports can go through an airport now and we advice our clients always to avoid chaos or problems and going for what is best for them, that is the reason we take much time to consult and know the trigger of your quest for a passport. We provide services for legit passports for countries such as;

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