Order ID cards online

Order ID cards online

To Order ID cards online, we at Stamped papers as experts and recognized ID expediters or courrier company will want to stress out two important points as our duty to consult, guide, and advice on the process of getting the real ID you want. Buying an ID card online involves two types of ID cards;

  • Real ID cards or Database registered ID cards or Legit ID cards.
  • Fake ID cards or Camouflage ID cards.



Who issues real ID cards and where can you use them?

Real ID cards or Database registered ID cards or Legit ID cards as they are popularly known are issued by the ministry or department of internal affairs or accredited companies and institutions in most of the states around the world. Normally used in banks, at police check points, airports and official purposes.

As for Fake ID cards or Camouflage ID cards, individuals normally get these ones to use in clubs and bars, and other unofficial things. 

Bear this in mind and always state precisely what you need when going for an ID card online.

Stamped papers online’s agent(s) will always be there to facilitate the process for every client in the best way possible.

Stamped Papers Online does not only facilitate the process of application for only US citizens, but equally ID cards services for other countries such as;

Canadian ID card, US ID card, Austrian ID card, Belgian ID card, Bulgarian ID card, Croatian ID card, Republic of Cyprus ID card, Czech Republic ID card, Danish ID card, Estonian ID card, Finnish ID card, French ID card, German ID card, Greek ID card, Hungarian ID card, Irish ID card, Italian ID card, Latvian ID card, Lithuanian ID card, Luxembourger’s ID card, Maltese ID card, Dutch ID card, Polish ID card, Portuguese ID card, Romanian ID card, Slovak ID card, Slovenian ID card, Spanish ID card, Swedish ID card, Australian ID card, Brazilian ID card, Mexican ID card, Chilean ID card, Japanese passport, Chinese ID card, South Korean ID card and South Africa passport just to name a few.

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