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Ordering a passport online nowadays is common and spoken off in every corner of the world as most of our orders and shopping goes online. But at Stamped papers, as much as we are experts, we”ll like to bring out a very important point that many go and fall for and get arrested at airports, repatriated after they successfully travel or loss their jobs because of their passports or other documents. 

For more than a decade that Stamped papers have been helping it’s large customer base with passports, we can clearly state that clients largely get these documents for travelling, in search for better jobs abroad and for camouflage purposes. Any legal agent affiliated to Stamped papers will tell you if you have to cross a border these days especially going through the airport with the on-point top scanners and technology, you will need a database registered passports (Legal). 

A legal passport or database passport or  bio-metric passport contains information  a chip like the fingerprints, the eye test and other details noted by experts in this domain. Some jobs as well will require these passports. The only exception comes for those going in for “camouflage” or fake passports. These may seem original but never would they be accepted or recognized at any airport except we rewind back the hand of the clock to fall in the 1990’s and back.

Stamped Papers Online does not only facilitate the process of application for only US citizens, but equally offers passports application services for other countries such as ; Canadian passport, US passport, Austrian passport, Belgian passport, Bulgarian passport, Croatian passport, Republic of Cyprus passport, Czech Republic passport, Danish passport, Estonian passport, Finnish passport, French passport, German passport, Greek passport, Hungarian passport, Irish passport, Italian passport, Latvian passport, Lithuanian passport, Luxembourger’s passport, Maltese passport, Dutch passport, Polish passport, Portuguese passport, Romanian passport, Slovak passport, Slovenian passport, Spanish passport, Swedish passport, Australian passport, Brazilian passport, Mexican passport, Chilean passport, Japanese passport, Chinese passport, South Korean passport and South Africa passport just to name a few.

At Stamped papers online, our agents will always be available and ready to consult, advice and talk you through the best possible and hitch free solution in collaboration with our legal minds available. You can contact or drop a message below for more information.

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